About Us


"Dabbous El Alieh," a family business, was established by my grandfather, Mehieddine Omar Alieh. It was located in Souk Abi Al Nasr, situated in Downtown Beirut. Initially, the shop primarily offered products like loofahs, planting seeds, oils, and ‘potions’. 

With the passage of time, various industries, including food, medicine, and detergents, began to flourish in Lebanon. Recognizing an opportunity, Mehieddine expanded the enterprise and began supplying chemical raw materials to these industries.

Alieh Chemicals in 1924

Mehieddine to the left with glasses behind the counter


The eruption of the Lebanese Civil War led to the closure of Souk Abi Nasr. Consequently, the store was relocated to Haret Hriek, where both my grandfather and father, Tarek Alieh, managed the business together. The business continued to thrive and transitioned into selling chemicals on a wholesale and retail basis.


We established our very own detergent factory and commenced manufacturing our line of detergents. Given the ongoing war, customers faced challenges leaving their homes, prompting my father, Tarek, to teach them how to create their detergents at home. 


The company was formally handed over to Tarek by his father Mehieddine, and under Tarek's stewardship, the company not only persevered but also prospered, solidifying his reputation in the business world.


Alieh Chemicals is managed by my mother, Amal Aoun, who holds qualifications as both a chemist and a pharmacist, bringing her extensive expertise to the company. Additionally, I, Sabine Alieh, take on the role of the marketing manager. 

Our Mission

We desire to always deliver top quality chemicals for our customers, catering to a wide range of needs. Whether it's schools, laboratories, factories, or small businesses, and whether our customers are students or artists, the potential for creativity knows no bounds when working with our raw materials.